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Universal Nutrition provides cutting-edge staple sports nutrition products for bodybuilders and hard-training athletes around the globe. Fan favourites include Animal Pak, Animal Cuts, Pump, and Flex!  Explore the entire range below and realise your true strength and potential. Shop Universal Animal Pak from TopDog Nutrition today!
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Universal Animal Supplements

Dedicated to supplying, educating, and inspiring the hardest-training strength athletes worldwide, Animal goes beyond just being a simple body-building brand—it is a way of life, empowering athletes to get better, stronger, and fitter every day.

First established in 1983 under Universal Nutrition, iconic Animal Pak is a family company through and through. Made by the people, for the people, the Animal brand promotes a sense of brotherhood, sisterhood, and loyalty by providing customers with not only the best health and sports nutrition to fuel their goals, but the knowledge and inspiration they need to achieve them.

Known as the go-to brand for those who demand the most of themselves everyday, popular Universal supplements that drive the market today include Animal Pak, Animal Cuts, Animal Stak, Pump, and Flex.

Designed and optimised for hard-training bodybuilders and elite athletes alike, Animal Pak is the ideal multi-vitamin product—packed with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more—perfect for athletes maintaining an intensive training regime and strict diet. As one of the most comprehensive all-round sports support supplements on the market, Animal Pak features a wide range of active ingredients necessary for optimal health and wellbeing.

Animal Cuts in comparison offers the complete works for anyone wanting to minimise body fat and achieve a cut, etched, and hardcore physique. Combining an all-in-one fat-burning complex and potent thermogenic fat-burning agent with energy-boosting formula, and more, Animal Cuts is the complete cutting stack that renders all other fat burners obsolete.

For more on Animal Flex, Animal Pump, and other Universal Animal supplements, explore our range online and buy high-quality sports nutrition to achieve your best and beat your best every day.