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A trusted brand for sports supplements, MusclePharm is an industry leader in sports nutrition. MusclePharm’s range of products assists professional athletes to reach their maximum potential with the help of nutritional supplements that are designed to ensure proper protein utilisation for great performance.

MusclePharm builds their reputation by striving to achieve their goals – build confidence, bring people together, never stop grinding, and to lead by example. Founded in 2010, MusclePharm has spent years in the industry innovating, developing, and perfecting the most advanced supplement line for its customers. Now, TopDog Nutrition gives you access to these sought-after sports nutrition products. To discover the benefits of MusclePharm’s complete sports supplements range, shop at TopDog Nutrition today!

MusclePharm Sports Supplement Range

As a performance lifestyle company, MusclePharm knows how to give proper nutrition for athletes. They understand athletes’ needs or any individual who trains hard and that is why their range of sports nutrition products are formulated to answer to the demands of active people ensuring lean muscle growth and recovery.

The MusclePharm range includes a variety of protein powders, amino acids, protein bars, mass gainers, carnitine essentials liquid, and more—all great for post workout nutrition.

The well-known MP Combat Protein Powder is an easy-mixing digestive blend created for true nutrient utilisation. Their protein blends are great tasting and ideal for muscle-building, recovery, and performance.

MusclePharm’s Combat Crunch Protein Bars are gluten-free yet high in protein and fibre while their BCAA Essentials of amino acids support lean mass growth, reduce muscle breakdown, and increase protein synthesis. MusclePharm pre-workout products are designed to give athletes superior focus and energy with L-Citrulline, Alpha GPC, and caffeine.

Ignite your active bodies with MusclePharm sports nutrition products that fuel performance and improve endurance for longer and more effective workouts. Shop the range here!