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EHP Labs is a revolutionary health and fitness nutritional supplement company dedicated to developing the most efficacious products. TopDog Nutrition will provide you with all the finest products EHP Labs have to offer including Fat Burners, Pre-Workouts, and Protein Powders with Performance & Recovery.

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Revolutionise your workouts with EHP Labs

Founded in 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, EHP Labs is dedicated to researching and producing the highest quality products in the fitness industry. Their efficacious formulas assist people in achieving their health and fitness goals by maximising their performance and recovery.

From BCAAs, protein powders, and protein bars to fat burners, creatine monohydrate, and glutamine supplements, TopDog Nutrition sports a wide range of EHP Labs products to suit all needs!

Renowned worldwide for its feature product, OxyShred, EHP Labs assists athletes around the world to achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. With the combined use of their OxyShred + Beyond BCAA supplements, athletes can get shredded, boost their immune system, and keep all the hard-earned muscle long term.

Our collection features EHP Labs formulas for weight loss, pre-workout energy, muscle gain, muscular recovery, sleep aids, detox, and more. No matter your need, we have BHP Labs workout supplements for every dietary requirement.

For a delicious and high-quality source of protein, try the OxyWhey Lean Whey Protein, which is 100% grass-fed with virtually no carbs, sugars, cholesterol, or lactose. For athletes who prefer plant-based protein, they also have complete freedom to enjoy EHP Labs’ plant protein workout powders. The goodness of their pure golden pea protein isolate is all-natural, vegan-friendly, undeniably tasty!

For a quick and convenient protein snack on-the-go, trying EHP Labs’ Lust Natural Protein Bars is a must! These low carb, low-fat premium protein bars taste sinfully good and feature an enhanced macro-nutrient profile combining quality protein, prebiotics, collagen, B vitamins, and vitamin D3. This scrumptious treat is the perfect choice to indulge in while staying on track with your fitness journey.

Support energy levels, muscle tissue repair, and increased strength with the best supplements around. Explore our range of EHP Labs supplements online, shop TopDog Nutrition, and gain the best results with high-quality products today!