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Ronnie Coleman King Carb

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Ronnie Coleman King Carb

When it comes to replenishing your muscles after a workout, you need to make sure you give your body the nutrients needed for it. When you exercise your glycogen stores get depleted as your burn during your workout. Ronnie Coleman has crafted King Carb, which is a supplement designed to replenish glycogen so you can refuel your muscles. 

The importance of refuelling your body with the right nutrients is crucial for muscle recovery and growth. King Carb by Ronnie Coleman works by providing your body with 30g of carbohydrates, which 28g is total sugars giving your body the nutrients needed for recovery.

This carbohydrate supplement can also be added to your drink while working out. Adding carbs to your workouts will provide your muscles with the energy source. You will refuel your glycogen tank for better performance, especially if you have started your workout on an empty tank. 

Many people think that adding a carb post-workout might increase body composition. The truth is adding the right carbohydrates at the right time will actually help our fitness and health goals. Whether you have a supplement, or you eat fruit, lollies or sweet potatoes, you will help your body replenish the nutrients that you have just depleted. 


  • Replenish glycogen after a hard workout as your body uses the nutrients stored for fuel.
  • Refuel muscles after you exercise your body the right nutrients for recovery and growth.
  • Support hydration with the blend of electrolytes. Your body gets dehydrated through sweat when exercising and replenishing nutrients is crucial for better recovery and growth. 
  • Have a supplement that is easily digested. 

Refuel and replenish your body with the right nutrients for optimal performance in and out of the gym with King Carb by Ronnie Coleman. When it comes to taking your performance and body composition to a whole new level add a high-quality.

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