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Myoblox 24/7 Aminos Zombie Blood

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This season, our Redrum Series amino acid formula is coming to life in our 24/7 AMINOS! Zombie Blood™ is a limited edition fusion of our current 8 gram essential amino acid formula and an addition of a thoroughly researched ingredient for brain health called Phosphatidylserine. One of its main mechanisms is that it acts as a shield that protects the cells in your brain! Zombie Blood is the solution for anyone looking to help accelerate muscle recovery, amino acid replenishment, cortisol reduction and brain support!


Besides the our high quality Plant Based Essential Amino Acids, we went ahead and added PHOSPHATIDYLSERINE! 

It is found in high concentration levels in the brain, muscle and heart. Promising studies show that Phosphatidylserine can support the transmission of signals between neurons and cells! In all simplicity it supports the integrity of the brain and can help reduce cortisol (an unwanted stress hormone that affects the general population).


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