Manuka Love

Manuka Love Honey 

Manuka Love is a trademarked brand operating out of Whangarei, New Zealand. We produce high quality New Zealand made honey for international export. 

Manuka Love's combined beekeepers run approximately 2500 beehives and are based all around the upper North Island, from Coromandel all the way to Cape Reinga. 

Manuka Love brings first class New Zealand honey for our international customers. All honey is RMP certified and Export certificates. They monitor and continue testing to make sure we bring the highest quality honey. Their beekeepers produce some of the highest quality Manuka honey in the market.

Manuka Love honey is extracted cold pressed, and has an artisan raw texture that comes straight from the beehive. They ensure that we do not process our honey with no heat so we can keep all the living nutrients and enzymes active, which are very beneficial to human health.

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