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The Ultimate Chest Workout

by Dave E
The Ultimate Chest Workout

If you want big, full, strong, “armor-plate” pecs that pop, then you want to do these chest exercises and workouts.

Biceps and chest.

The two workouts that guys never miss…and the two muscle groups that they have the most trouble developing.

There are good reasons for this.

Except in the cases of genetic windfall, the biceps are small, stubborn muscles that take an inordinate amount of time and work to develop.

The pecs are larger and stronger than the biceps but, in most cases, start from basically nothing.

Modern, sedentary living just doesn’t involve the chest muscles to any significant degree and thus most guys and gals new to weightlifting are embarrassingly weak on the bench press.

Don’t despair, though.

No matter how small and weak you may feel your chest is…you can build that superhero, “armor plate” chest that you really want.

And this article is going to show you how.

You Don’t Just Want to Build a “Big Chest”

“Help, my chest is too small!”

That’s one of the most common lamentations I hear from guys all around the world.

All they want for Christmas, they say, is a “big chest.”

Well, this is a misguided goal.

It’s like “weight loss.” It captures the essence of what we’re trying to do but isn’t exactly accurate. Fat loss is.

The reason is merely “adding size” to your chest won’t necessarily give you the look you want.

For example, check out the following picture:

He has a good physique but look closer at his chest, and at the upper portion in particular.

Do you notice something?

All his mass is on the lower and outer portions of the pecs, with little-to-none in the upper and inner portions.

This is extremely common, is the direct result of training mistakes, and, fortunately, is correctable.

I’m speaking from experience here. Check out the following picture of me from a few years ago:


Look at the upper portion of my left pec (the right looks bigger than it is because of how I’m holding the phone).

As you can see, I too had a very bottom-heavy chest with little development up top.

I got to work on it shortly after taking that picture, however…doing exactly what I’m going to share in this article…and here’s where I am now:

Again, focus on the upper portion of my pecs. Quite a difference, no?

“But wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “Isn’t the whole ‘upper’ and ‘lower’ chest thing a myth?”

I’m glad you asked…

The Simple Science of Effective Chest Training

The two biggest mistakes most people make in their chest workouts are:

1. Focusing on the wrong chest exercises.

Many people focus too much on machines and isolation exercises, which are of secondary importance in building big, “armor plate” pecs.

2. Focusing on high-rep training.

This mistake will stunt the growth of every major muscle group in the body and is particularly detrimental in a smaller muscle group like the pecs.

If those two points go against a lot of what you’ve heard and/or assumed about chest training, I understand.

I used to do every chest machine in the gym and used to think that smaller muscle groups responded better to lower weights and higher reps.

Well, one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned about lifting and building muscle naturally is the more you emphasize compound movements and heavy lifting (80 to 85% of 1RM and higher), the better your results.


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