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EHP Labs Sour Gummy is COMING

by Dave E
EHP Labs Sour Gummy is COMING

Launching Next Week!

What is OxyShred Sour Gummy?

Flashback to your childhood with our new OxyShred Orange Gummy Flavor, an all natural, (strictly) limited edition version of OxyShred, the World’s #1 Thermogenic Fat Burner. 


1) Mobilize and burn stubborn fat cells
2) Gives you energy throughout the day
3) Boosts your metabolism, helping your body destroy stubborn fat cells
4) Limits calorie absorption
5) 100% natural, delicious flavors 
6) Mood enhancers and immunity support
7) No heavy stimulants or jitters




Our new OxyShred flavor – Orange Gummy – it has that delicious and bold, fruity orange flavor, that will remind you of your childhood years when you used to open the packet gummy bears, grab a handful and put back the ones you didn’t like so that your sibling would eat them. 

Now you don’t need to worry about that, as we’ve perfectly captured the beary-y sweet orange flavor that you would scoff down by the handful that makes your heart and belly smile, no matter what mood you’re in.

Burn fat Feel good!

Trusted and used by millions of people worldwide, OxyShred is the most potent and effective thermogenic fat burner on the market.

Unlike other fat burners on the market, OxyShred is not a heavy stimulant based thermogenic. OxyShred's groundbreaking formula promotes an increased level of fat burning, known as “Hyper-lipolysis", a complex process of super-efficient and enhanced burning of the subcutaneous fat molecules. This triggers the body to mobilize the existing stubborn fat cells and blood lipid molecules to the body’s engine room (mitochondria) to be converted into natural energy (adenosine triphosphate).


When Should I take it?

Morning: Use OxyShred first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to maximize fat burning throughout the day. Add a scoop of Acetyl L-Carnitine to improve the effectiveness of OxyShred and take your fat loss to the next level. Pre-Workout: Use OxyShred and Acetyl L-Carnitine 20 minutes before training to provide you with extra energy and focus for your workout. **Make sure you take OxyShred on an empty stomach to maximize absorption and effectiveness. Don’t consume any food or protein shakes for at least 20 minutes after ingestion.


In essence, you have 2 specific types of fat stores - subcutaneous fat, meaning it sits just below your skin; and visceral fat, which sits around your organs to protect them. Within these fat stores, you have two different types of fat tissue; brown and white fat - long story short, brown fat keeps you warm when you’re cold and white fat is the result of excess calories that are stored to be used as energy at a later time.

OxyShred targets your subcutaneous fat stores, leaving your visceral fat stores untouched as these are crucial for safety and health. By targeting your subcutaneous fat stores, OxyShred targets your white fat cells resulting metabolizing fat in your body and essentially converting fat cells into energy. Decreasing insulin levels allow your body to reduce fat storage and calorie absorption, while curbing the evil sugar cravings. Finally, the stress hormone (an enemy of weight loss) Cortisol is kept under control by the natural boost in energy and immunity boosting ingredients, helping you to stay focused throughout the day.



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